Disposable Speculums

Please refer to our Text Library for speculum & tubing testing data.

Disposable Speculums

Available in large and small sizes, and bulb and straight styles.


  • Large straight or small straight large bulb or small bulb
  • 48″, 42″ or 36″ waste hose length
  • 1/4″ or  3/8″ inflow hose
  • standard hose or g-hose
  • Designed for easier insertion and greater client comfort.  Obturator is also designed with a longer thumb tab for ease in handling.
  • Lubricant packet (net wt. 5g) included

Bio-Compatibility Test Results

An independent laboratory study was conducted to determine bio-compatibility on the speculums and hosing.  The laboratory was looking for harmful chemicals and toxicity that would be leached from the plastics itself.  There were no findings of resins or toxicity that could be derived by contact from this material.  It was given a superior medical rating.


Bulb Style

Bulb style speculum




Straight Style

Straight style speculum

Video Demonstration