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Course Description:


  • Installation of colon hydrotherapy equipment procedures.
  • Maintaining filter system and filter change procedures.
  • Disinfecting colon hydrotherapy equipment procedures.
  • Maintenance of colon hydrotherapy equipment procedures.
  • Speculums: Using disposable units procedure.

Laws – FDA Federal Regulations for colon hydrotherapy:

  • Adequate Directions for Use (21 CFR  801.109)
  • Indication for Use Statement (21 CFR 876.5220)
  • Prescription Statement (21 CFR 801.109)

Business Guidelines – For your colon prep department.

Explanation of contraindications for colon hydrotherapy.

FDA 3500A – Medical Device Reporting:

  • Explanation on how to fill out a report for individual averse event (serious injury or death.)

Colonic Procedure:

  • Practical application and proper technique and procedures.

Manufacturer Equipment Department Training:

  • History of equipment and manufacturing.
  • FDA manufacturing requirements and procedures and traceability.
  • How equipment is manufactured and the components.
  • How equipment works in relation with the colonic procedure:
  • Understanding the difference between colon pressure, water pressure and flow.
  • How the FDA regulations require equipment to monitor the colon pressure at all times and not the water pressure.
  • Why flow controls effect the pressure gauge and water flow of the equipment and why it is a engineering flaw.
  • The four major symptom complaints by clients of a colonic procedure and how those four symptoms are caused by improper techniques and equipment (pain, bloating, cramping, and illness.)
  • The  Physics or water and air and pressure how the equipment functions in relation to the body.