June 17, 2016

Hi Stuart, Inna Perfido - Everything is Good - its not Good- its Perfect! - its Excellent !- I can't be Happier!. That I am now - you guys are amazing - anything I can do -for you I would - spread the word or whatever -the machine is the best - and Thank you so much- everything is going well - I got all the supplies - God Bless You - and will be in touch.

June 2, 2016

Dear Stuart & Mary Ruth;

Thank you for supplying Body Harmony w/speculums all these years.  I really appreciate your service.

May 9, 2016

I had the privilege of training on my new equipment with Mary Ruth at Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc. With her years of experience and expertise I learned things I should have learned in school. After just two days I feel more confident in my skills and knowlege of not only my machine but the world of Hydro Colon Therapy in general. I recommend training with her to everyone who purchases their machines.

May 9, 2016

Dear Mary Ruth and Stuart,

I am so happy with and grateful for my new Traveler Unit! It was an anxious several weeks for me..and for you i think too. Between the time my previous Traveler Unit was virtually destroyed on it’s way to you in Florida, and the insurance reimbursement, it was financially precarious for me. I had stated a value of $4,000, and was reimbursed almost $3,500—what a relief! I lost business while i did not have a colonhydrotherapy unit available, but people have heard that i am up and running again. I am most grateful for your conscientious and meticulous care of my old and new equipment, as well as documentation of the transit damage done to the old one. If you had not been so careful and thorough in your documentation and communication of what seemed to have happened, i am quite sure that i would still be very much in debt for my new unit, as neither FedEx or the packer’s insurance would have accepted any responsibility for reimbursing me.

So in deep gratitude for all you have done, and the fine work that you do, MANY THANKS!!