Traveler Model

The Traveler Model









The Professional Portable Colonic Equipment is equipped with the following features:

  • Completely Closed System
  • Dual purpose capabilities: traveling or fixed locations
  • Three options for Water Line connections
  • Two options for Waste Line connections
  • Pressure & Temperature control & shut down valve
  • Water Pressure Regulator – Pressure Relief System
  • Wall Bracket
  • Built-In Rinse System after disinfecting
  • Natural Light Behind View Tube
  • Separate Water Filtration System
  • UV Built into Equipment

Physical Specifications


  • 11″ Height
  • 4.5 ” Depth
  • 19″ width
  •  31.5 lbs

Carrying Case:

  • 25.3” High
  • 11.7” Deep
  • 18.6” Wide
  • 21.5 lbs


  • Hot & cold water drainage lines

Other Features:

  • Portable carrying case on wheels
  • Pull up handle for easy traveling
  • Built-in ultra violet light system

Performance Specifications

  • Equipped with the latest filtration system
  • UV light built into equipment
  • Safe connect and disconnect of water, sewer, and electrical
  • Portable
  • Regulated temperature and pressure
  • Accurate and sensitive indication of pressure and temperature
  • Water in view tube is full at all times for viewing
  • Protection from contamination to the equipment and the client

Traveler Dual Purpose Capabilities

Water line connections – 2 options:

Single Sink Operations:

  • Single hot & cold water line combination.  Line is affixed to the sink faucet for the hot and cold water supply.
  • The temperature is regulated at the sink faucet.
  • The colonic system mixing valve is then by passed, when using the combination hot and cold water supply inlet  connection.

Dual sink operation:

  • Separate hot & cold water lines.  Individual water lines are affixed to separate sink faucets.  (If available)
  • One sink faucet is placed in full cold position and the other line is in full hot position and the lines are connected to the hot & cold inlet ports on the colonic equipment.
  • The temperature is regulated with the colonic equipment mixing valve.


  • Disposable speculums
  • Stainless steel cart with sewage tank
  • Stand with caster wheels

Installation Guidelines

  • Drain height of 12″ or less
  • Water pressure of 40 to 45 psi
  • Water heater of 40 gallons or greater
  • Treatment table height 1 – 2″ higher than view tube
  • Hot and cold water supply lines
  • Electrical Plug – 110V or 120V Ground Fault Interrupter

Items Included with Equipment

  • Installation manual & video
  • Carrying case for water filtration system
  • Traveler carrying case
  • Operational manual
  • Drainage Lines w/connections
  • Water Lines w/connections
  • Training on equipment and procedures at our facility at no charge

Video Demonstration